Woodchester/Kingscourt Wassail

Collected from Billy Buckingham by Gwilym Davies February 1970 and later by Gwilym and Carol Davies on 13 February 1999.

Archive Recordings:
Billy Buckingham talks about going wassailing

Billy sings the song

Billy Buckingham        talking about wassailingBilly Buckingham singing the song
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Woodchester/Kingscourt  – Up to about the time of World War I, a group of three boys, from 12 year old, including Billy’s uncle Albert, went round the farms and big houses of the Woodchester/Kingscourt area at Christmas including Little Britain Farm.  They took a wassail bowl in a wicker basket which was really a chamber pot decorated with holly.  They dressed in women’s clothes and blacked their faces.  In return for singing, they were given money and cider!  On a good evening, they would earn £3 apiece.  Billy Buckingham learnt the song in the pub at Kingscourt.

Note by Gwilym Davies November 2011