Mumming in Gloucestershire

Archives indicate over 60 locations in Gloucestershire where mumming was recorded in the C19th and early C20th. 

Although there is no group in the county with a continuous history of mumming back to C19th, there are some with significant lineage.  Chipping Campden Mummers for example are a C20th team revived by members of the same family that originally performed the play over 100 years ago.  Similarly Marshfield Paper Boys (now in South Gloucestershire) were revived with the help of folklorist Violet Alford in 1932 and continue to play on Boxing day every year.

Meanwhile many new groups have formed (see list below) and are currently active during the Christmas season.

There are mumming performances throughout December, some big and very public, such as the Boxing Day performance of the City of Gloucester Mummers outside Gloucester Cathedral after the morning service.  Other groups perform only for their own community, with little visibility elsewhere.

List of Gloucestershire Mummers Groups

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