Listen to Songs

There are many sound recordings on this website, in varying styles. The following list will help you to find them.

Arlingham Wassail

1. Lem Hayward – Archive recording Lem Hayward – Wassail
2. Puzzlejug – Contemporary recording  Waysailing Bowl – Puzzlejug

Badminton Wassail:

Bill Davis – Archive recording Bill Davies – Badminton wassail

Bisley Wassail:

1. Madge Stevens – Archive recording Madge Stevens – Waysailing Bowl
 2. Nowell sing we clear – Contemporary recording  Stevens Family Waysail

The Bitter Withy:

1. Maddie Pryor – Contemporary recording YouTube
2. Puzzlejug – Contemporary recording  C01_Bitter Withy – Puzzlejug

Brockweir Wassail:

1. Charley Williams – Archive recording Charley Williams – Brockweir Wassail
2. Puzzlejug – Contemporary recording Puzzlejug – Brockweir Wassail
The Cherry Tree Carol:  
1. John Kirkpatrick – Contemporary recording Cherry Tree carol – John Kirkpatrick
2.The Odd Occasions – Contemporary recording  Cherry Tree Carol – The Odd Occasions
Christ came to Christmas: TarranGray –  Contemporary recording C21_ChristCameToChristmas
Come all you true good Christians: Tradsinger – Contemporary recording  Tradsinger – Come all you true good Christians
Eastington Wassail: Betty Aldridge – Archive recording British Library
Frocester Wassail: Harry Aldrich – Archive recording  C15 TranOriginal Harry Aldrich-Frocester Wassail

Gloucestershire wassail:

1. Gloucester Cathedral Choir – Contemporary recording YouTube
2. Blur – Contemporary recording  YouTube
3. 2040 – Contemporary recording  YouTube
4. Johnny Coppin – Contemporary recording  02 Gloucester Wassail
Hampton Fields Wassail: Richard Chidlaw – Archive recording  Richard Chidlaw – Hampton Fields wassail
Hark, hark what news: Puzzlejug – Contemporary recording Hark, Hark, What News the Angels Bring – Puzzlejug

The Holly and the Ivy:

1. Harold Boucher- Archive recording  C11_TranOriginal_HollyAndIvy_HarryBoucher
 2. Charley Williams – Archive recording British Library
 3. Maddie Pryor -Contemporary recording YouTube
 4. The Medieval Baebes – Contemporary recording YouTube
5. Kings College, Cambridge – Contemporary recording YouTube

Jacob’s Well

Charley Williams – Archive Version  British Library

The Joys of Mary:

1. Dick Parsons Archive recording  C14_TranOriginal_SevenJoys_DickParsons
2. Puzzlejug – Contemporary recording  C14_The Joys of Mary_Puzzlejug
3 TarranGray – Contemporary recording  C05_TranRecord_JoysOfMaryTG271
Little Sodbury Wassail: TarranGray-  Contemporary recording C07_SingRecordHT_Waysail_LittleSod_Bennett
Nailsworth Wassail: Archie Gardner Archive recording  Archie Gardiner – Nailsworth wassail 2 tunes

O Grand and O Bright:

1. Betty Aldridge Archive recording  C13_TranOriginal_OGrandAndOBright_BettyAldridge_Gwilyms_norm
 2. Puzzlejug Contemporary recording  C13_O Grand and O Bright_Puzzlejug
Our Saviour’s Love – Charley Williams Archive recording British Library

Shurdington Wassail:

1. Dick Parsons Archive recording  Dick Parsons – Waysailing Bowl
2, Green Willow Contemporary recording  Waysailing Bowl – Green Willow Band
Tetbury Wassail: Reg Wilkins Archive recording  Reg Wilkins – Tetbury Wassail song

The Twelve Apostles: Richard Chidlaw Archive recording

C10 TranOriginal Richard Chidlaw-The Twelve Apostles

Uley Wassail – Edgar Beeston Archive recording Edgar Beeston – Uley wassail

A Virgin Unspotted

1. Harold Boucher – Archive recording  Harold Boucher – a Virgin Unspotted
2. Charley Williams – Archive recording  British Library
3. Puzzlejug – Contemporary recording  Puzzlejug Virgin Unspotted

We wish you a merry Christmas:

1. Stan and Gwen Partridge – Archive recording British Library
2.  Jessie Howman – Archive recording British Library
3. Puzzlejug – contemporary recording  We wish you a merry Christmas – Puzzlejug

 While Shepherds Watched:

1. Stevens family – Archive recording  C12 TranOriginal Stevens family-While Shepherds
 2. Harold Jones – Archive recording British Library
3. Puzzlejug Contemporary recording  Puzzlejug – Shepherds last verse
Woodchester Wassail – Billy Buckingham Archive recording  C08_ Billy Buckingham-Waysailing Bowl