Archie Gardner

In April 1972 Archie Gardner sang the Nailsworth Wassail to Michael Gardiner and Richard Chidlaw.

Archibald Rupert Gardner was born 24 October 1894 in Nailsworth. His grandfather was probably Cyrus Gardner who was born in Bisley in 1826 and worked as a stone mason. His grandmother, Hannah, was living in Yew Tree Cottage, Bisley working as a laundress in 1881, probably after her husband died and in 1901 aged 73 was still alive, boarding in Bisley with Frederick and Alice Butler, a walking stick maker and his wife.

Archie’s father Henry Gardner in 1891 was also a stick worker living in Upper Forest Green, Avening. His mother, Sarah was born in Wooton under Edge. Three of his children, Edward, Sarah and Harry, were born in Bisley. Four more children, Wonfred (sic), Sarah, Rosina and Olive were born in Avening. In 1901, Henry was a stick worker still living in Upper Forest Green for which the address is now given as Nailsworth. Archie’s mother, Sarah, and sister, Flora, were working in cotton spinning (hosiery), His brother, Wanford, (sic) was working on umbrella furniture. Henry, Elizabeth, Sarah and son Henry were born in Chalford. The rest of the family were born in Avening, except for Archie who was born in Nailsworth (but see discrepancy in location of Upper Forest Green above).

Archie married Laura J.M. Pinnell from Horsley in early 1921 in the Stroud Registration District. Laura’s father, Albert, was an agricultural labourer who had died when young between 1891 and. 1901, leaving her mother, Alice, with four young children. Alice then lived with her father-in-law, Samuel, who was a shepherd. In 1903 Alice was working as a rag sorter at Flock Mill while Laura was at school when she married again to Edward Hanks, who was a labourer born in Avening.

Archie was also a musician and played the accordion in the pub. At the time that he was visited by Michael Gardiner and Richard Chidlaw in April 1972 Archie was living in Windsor Edge, Nailsworth. Archie died early in 1978 in the Stroud Registration District.

 (Notes by Carol Davies October 2012)