Sarah (‘Madge’) Stevens and the Stevens Family

Gwilym and Carol Davies visited Sarah ‘Madge’ Stevens on 30th January 1977 when she sang The Waysailing Bowl, While Shepherds Watched, The Bisley Football Song and Tap at my Window Tonight. On 1st December 1987 Gwilym Davies saw her again at the Stirrup Cup, Bisley when she sang We’re off to Sunny France and the whole family then sang While Shepherds Watched and The Waysailing Bowl.

Sarah Stevens was born on 10th January 1906 and died in 1988.  The Stevens family have lived in the Bisley area for many years and members of the family still live there.  They kept up the tradition of singing in the local pub ‘The Stirrup Cup’ until the 1980s, singing their versions of The Waysailing Bowl and While Shepherds Watched, led by Madge.

Note by Carol and Gwilym Davies, November 2011